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Glow Up Shoes: How does it work?

Your flashy LED shoes have a hidden switch button that lies beside the charging port. Just press it on to switch on and off respectively. With every ‘ON’ button the colors change from light mode to darker. If you press the switch for 9 times, the LED lights will turn off. Keep pressing for 3 seconds to switch off the power. Create a flashy new stride with vibrant colors glowing brightly and flashing with every feet movement.

For charging your glow up shoes, connect it with a USB cable. Mobile phone chargers can also be a great choice. These USB chargeable light up shoes can be charged for continuously 3 hours and flaunt your moves for about 8 to 11 hours of lighting time available. Dance, jump, run these light up shoes till the power is gone. Save some energy for the next day as your style up with these amazing lights up shoes.

Varieties of Cool Light up shoes

Find your favourite shoes color on the varied online shoe store. Hop into 7 kinds of static colors including Red, blue, green, blue, yellow, purple, turquoise and white. Along with it, also try out some dynamic color changes that come with 8 kinds of lighting patterns. These LED shoes are designed for a high voltage club, party and even Halloween. Engage yourself in flaunting these brightly colored glow up shoes for a rave party or a sunburn and even a themed party, don’t use it as sports shoes.

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